Business Advisors in Italy

 English-speaking advisors support international clients in finding the best business opportunities in Italy, the fourth largest economy in Europe and the eight largest in the world. Italy is also the second biggest manufacturer of the EU.

Tax and Legal Advisors in Italy

Experienced advisors offer services about tax and legal issues at your service both on corporate taxation system and on personal taxes. They also provide support and consultancy on italian corporate laws and regulations.

Public Accountants in Italy

Certified Public Accountants (CPA), Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors based near Venice, north east Italy. The range of services includes preparation and deposit of annual financial statement, preparation of monthly trial balance, preparation of budgets and business plans, monthly and quarterly payment obligations, tax calculation.

Mergers and Acquisitions in Italy

Full support for M&A of Italian companies to international investors from sourcing to negotiation, and consultancy for spin offs, demergers, contributions of assets, taking care of the whole M&A process.

Business Negotiation Advisors in Italy

A full range of in business negotiation services on Italy: Consulting, training, facilitation, representation, deal preparation, mediation of disputes. Our firm facilitates the negotiation process between international investors and Italian companies.

Contract Advisors in Italy

Structuring and drawing up any kind of contract, advising international clients about commercial and taxation issues, evaluating every aspect of the commercial or employment contract needed.

Family Office & Wealth Management in Italy

Multi Family Office for wealthy private clients, planning the best strategy for Wealth Management in Italy, taking care of corporate finance, by providing advice about acquisitions / disposals, debt restructuring, generational change.

Doing Business in Italy

Support to international investors in setting up a business in Italy or in sourcing and acquiring an existing one. Advice on the best practices to deal with Italian businessmen.