Advisors in Venice, North East Italy

Canal & Serraglia, a business management firm located in Italy (Venice), has developed an extensive experience and expertise in working as a Multi Family Office for our wealthy private clients. Our team of professionals can plan the best strategy for your needs. Should you need an expert advice in Family office & Wealth Management in Italy, please contact us.


Family Offices support wealthy families with a full range of administrative, fiscal, consulting and financial services aiming at managing financial and non financial assets in the best possible way. They can be Single Family Offices or Multi Family Offices depending on the number of families involved. Usually, a Multi Family Office run by an independent firm is more efficient and provides a wider range of options and services.  These services can apply to different kinds of assets, from estates, buildings, companies and securities

After so many years of financial crisis and recession, there are a lot of bargains on the market of assets and distressed assets: we are active in scouting and managing distressed assets on sale by individuals, entities, institutions which, for various and different reasons, must collect cash fast to meet other obligations. 


Canal & Serraglia as a Multi Family Offices, supports many rich families in managing their wealth at best. We assist private clients with the following Wealth Advisory services:

  • strategic consultancy, by helping the clients in choosing the most appropriate strategy in terms of asset allocation for their investment portfolio. Canal & Serraglia advisors present to our clients in-depth analysis of goals, risks, constraints in the short, medium and long term.
  • ongoing consultancy, a service involving advisory in negotiations, annual assessment, advice upon any change needed to either asset allocation or investment funds.;
  • reporting, on a regular basis about investment portfolios, performances, strategy and allocation, economic outlook
  • evaluation of managers of the companies owned by our clients, through accurate performance analysis compared to the market standards
  • scouting and managing distressed assets on sale by individuals, entities, institutions and the like 

We provide support to private clients in order to make the best strategic decisions affecting their families and their companies:

  • corporate finance, by providing advice about acquisitions / disposals, debt restructuring, capital raising
  • corporate finance
  • tax and estate planning
  • risk management
  • trusteeship
  • coordination of professionals
  • advice on investments
  • foundation management

Often, family business is still a substantial part of a client’s assets. At some point, most business family face the challenge of choosing whether to keep the company family owned and managed, or family owned but professional managed, or still to sell the business. Family continuity requires planning and training prior to the entry of family members into strategic positions. Not unlikely these changes, if not properly governed, generate conflicts that can cause business losses and failure.

Our business management firm works directly with the family members in order to define roles and responsibilities, providing training when needed. Our goal is to help the family in creating an harmony in running the business.

If the family decides for a partial or full sale of the business, other activities are involved, such as: -preparation for the transfer of the majority of the capital in favour of one member of the family, chosen to run the company, with compensation for the other members or heirs, and scouting for a minority shareholder:

  • preparation the business for sale
  • preparation of the family for this transformation and final decision
  • negotiation of the sale
  • distribution and/or management of revenue 

Family Office & Wealth Management in Italy.