Advisors in Venice, North East Italy

Canal & Serraglia firm, based in Venice, north east Italy, offers an extensive experience in structuring and drawing up any kind of contract, advising our International clients on a full range of commercial and taxation issues.

An English-speaking team of experienced advisors are at your service to evaluate every aspect of the commercial contract you need about the following:

  • Disposal of business branch
  • Sales / purchase agreements 
  • Trademark and licenses
  • Service agreements 
  • Collaboration
  • Franchising
  • Tenders
  • Licensing
  • Joint Venture agreement
  • Firm rentals
  • Lease and sub-lease
  • Transport and logistics

Our advisors take care of:

  • Drafting new contracts
  • Adapting international contracts to Italian law, to ensure their legal validity in Italy
  • Advising on contract legal issues and supporting negotiation
  • Updating of corporate standard contracts
  • Structuring employment contracts and support individual bargains.

Should you need support in evaluating, structuring and drafting a contract in Italy, our advisors will be glad to give you the right advice. Feel free to contact us and please check our full range of consultancy services for International corporations and individuals.


In today’s world, contracts are the backbone of society as it has been recognized by the latest Nobel prize winners in Economics: contracts are used and must be used for many different reasons and even if we don't notice it, we're often signing contracts and agreements (eg. on the web).
The framework governing commercial contracts in Italy is the Italian Civil Code, as amended by other corporate laws. The main sources of the contract Italian legislation are:

  • the provisions of the Civil Code 
  • many statutory laws that regulate individual contracts or aspects of them.
  • equitable principles
  • past judicial decisions.

Many rules differ in a significant way from those of other countries (eg. UK) in regard to contract structure, clauses, enforcing.

It is therefore very important the support of expert advisors who can find the best solution to avoid future conflicts between parties. In Italy enforcing a contract is a time-spending and cost-involving activity: if enforcement is needed, a well written contract can speed up times.


Italy’s labor regulations are quickly changing, aiming to make the work market more dynamic by introducing a greater deal of flexibility. While in the long term the economy should benefit from these new rules, Italian companies are now facing a challenge when it comes to employment contracts: There are many different contract choices and it’s very hard to find the best solution in terms of tax efficiency. The main types of labor contract in Italy are:

  • fixed terms 
  • temporary employment 
  • mini-jobs
  • apprenticeship
  • part-time

Within these general categories there is a large number of different contracts regulated by collective or individual bargains. Picking the perfect solution needs expert Italian advisors.

Canal & Serraglia Contract advisors in Italy, north east Venice