Agreement of professional collaboration with Konosko Group


We are happy to announce that at the beginning of January 2016 an agreement of professional collaboration has been signed with Konosko Group.

Konosko group is an international Group, with its headquarters in Shanghai. Founded in 1995 by Adriano Zublena, Konosko Group has grown in the People Republic of China to become one of the leading specialists in the field of legal, accounting and investment services.

In particular Konosko Group provides Professional assistance and advice to individuals and companies for commercial contracts, corporate law, litigation and intellectual Property through a team of lawyers and professionals coordinated by its founder, Mr Adriano Zublena.

The agreement signed with our Practice provides an exclusive collaboration in order to  promote, assist and advise Chinese Companies and individuals who wish to make investments in Italian Companies assets and estates through acquisitions, mergers and joint ventures as well as to promote, assist and advise Italian Companies which desire to carry out their business in China.